We Meet the Need

Do you have limited mobility, or feel unsteady standing in the bathtub?

Does someone you love feel unsafe climbing over the tub wall to take a shower or bath? Maybe they have trouble standing for long periods of time or can't lift their legs very well?

Are you afraid of slipping and falling in the bathroom getting out of the shower?

Our swivel sliding transfer benches make getting into and out of the bathtub easier and safer, and will give you or your loved ones a sense of confidence, safety and steadiness in the bathroom.

Our benches can give you a sense of dignity and independence to bathe yourself with little to no assistance from someone else.

Or they can assist you as you care for your loved ones in the bathroom, and can help you reduce the back, neck, arm, and shoulder aches and strains which occur from repeatedly helping them in and out of the bathtub by eliminating the need to carry them.

Our transfer benches can help you save money by costing thousands less than installing an expensive walk-in bathtub or shower.

And unlike conventional transfer benches, you won't have to scoot yourself across the bench's seat to get into the bathtub. You can easily swivel and glide into the tub on our sturdy and safe bath transfer bench.